Glass Sex Toys can be Cheap. Quality Sex Toys. Best Online Dildo Store. Pyrex Glass Sex Toys for Him and Her. Sex Toys or Jouets Sexuels, Dildos or Godes, Dongs or Godemichés, Juicer or Screwy, they all mean the same things.

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GlassSexToys welcomes our connoisseurs to the ultimate online store that satisfies your needs for dildos, sex toys and dongs of all sizes.

Here, you'll have the chance to see and buy various sex toys! Kept in nice pouches, you'll find your hidden vibrator instincts with our fantastic collection of Pyrex Glass Sex Toys: small, normal, large or huge dildos; clear, frosted and colored; straight, curved, double-ended dongs, realistic, rotating, bumped or twisted dildos, butt plugs and all of them with lubricants included, regardless if your search is for Female Sex Toys, Lesbian Erotic Toys or Gay Dongs!

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G-Spot Stimulation Dildos
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Special Glass Sex Toys

Our huge variety of Adult Toys can provide pleasure to the vagina, clitoris, G-Spot and the anus. Our Rotating and Realistic Glass Didldo lines earned everybody's respect and admiration in Adult shows around the globe: Berlin, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Paris, Vancouver, Toronto and London.

Our Glass Sex Toys are handcrafted from Pyrex medical glass of the highest quality available. Pyrex glass is recommended by doctors across the world, and it is generally used in test tubes and beakers in all laboratories. All of out Dildos are tested in a Polariscope to ensure their integrity for safe use. Our Adult Toys are able to absorb heat and adjust to the user's body temperature. This means that they can be placed in a freezer or in a microwave before use, to add to the array of pleasure created.

Some of our Dildos can be even filled with hot water or smashed ice. However please be careful to not hurt yourself due to extreme temperatures. In order to sterilize them, they can be easily boiled. Since Pyrex is a non-porous material, our Glass Sex Toys are odorless, and very fast to clean. When applied, lubricants last longer for the same reason. The smooth or bumpy textures are designed to perfectly fit sensitive interiors.

It really doesn't matter if you call them Sex Toys or Jouets Sexuels, Dildos or Godes, Dongs or Godemichés, Juicer or Screwy, Baton of Love or Offender as they all make incredible gifts and will last you a lifetime. Our Sex Toys can be purchased and paid online through PayPal.

To respect your privacy, all of the orders from will be shipped in plain boxes with no markings. You will also be able to track every shipment. New research has confirmed yet again that plastic and Synthetic rubber Dildos contain phthalates that are very dangerous for your health.

All major healthcare readers in Europe and North America, recommend the use of Sex Toys that  are phthalates-free. It is for that reason that we are selling Pyrex Glass Dildos, which have no ill effects on your health. You will be able to use them alone or with your partner, in the evening or in the morning. You can always trust our Glass Sex Toys.