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Affiliate program's affiliate program is good for anyone who wants to suplement their normal income with ocasional money by sending adult costumers to our glass sex toys webstore.

When you send visitors from your site to our site, and they buy any of our products, we will give you a percentage of the sale, so the morebuyers you send to us, the more money you will make.

The way it works is that you first need to make an account on our webpage. After you do so, you will have to select one of the affiliate banners, that most fit your website regarding their size. The size of the banner will not affect the percentage you will receive, but it may affect the number of visitors you send to us, because of its visibility. Once you put this baner on your website, just sit back, enjoy and let your costumers know about us. If one of them visits our site, and buys a product, you will receive a percentage of the sale(before shipping and taxes).

~~~NOTE: We recommend that after you make an account, you will fill your "Billing Information", under the "Affiliate Program" section in your user control panel, so we would know where to send the money.~~~

Unfortunately, you will have to wait to earn €100, before we can send you the money. You will receive the money through PAYPAL, the safest way for money transfers on the Internet. You will always be able to check your account to see your current balance, by logging on our website and clicking on the affiliate program link in your user box.

.Affiliate program diagram for SENSIGLASS.CA

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