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Company Mission is a Romanian based company. We have been producing glass dildos since 2002, being part of the "old" companies, as most of us started at that time. Up to this day, we continued producing high quality glass dildos, to satisfy any sexual needs. And by any, we mean all!

Over the years we have expanded, reaching new markets and new costumers. Two years ago, we expanded on the North American continent by opening a new on-line store, We strongly encourage the expanding of glass dildos, as scientific research prooved that they are a lot healthier than the plastic or rubber ones. The high quality glass dildos, like ours, will never catch any stain or smell, as the surface is completly flat, not allowing odour or liquids to get under the surface.

We believe that everybody who knows how to market a website or a product can come into the business, and we are here to help you. You can become our affiliate, or a distributor having the advantage that you will earn some good moeny, so if you are interested, please visit the Affiliate and Distributor sections.

And remember, we are here to give you the best satisfaction, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us by completing the contact form.