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Q: Where and by whom are your products made?

A: Our Glass dildos are handmade in European glass factories. These glass factories have implemented Quality Management System SR EN ISO 9001:2001 and Environmental Management System SR EN ISO 14001:2004.
Our glass dildos are designed and made by a research and development team. Doctors, engineers, designers and glassblowers are the persons that are part of the team. We are not working with famous glass blowers but we are working with real professionals the ones with more than twenty years experience in their field.

Q: What is a Pyrex borosilicate glass?
A: The borosilicate is thermo resistant glass, used in scientific and medical glass instruments. For a long time it was used for glass eyes, because of its neutral character of it and completely non-toxic. Unlike "soft" glass, it doesn"t react with acids and alkaline solution. Because of the Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (ISO 7991) is 3.3x10-6 K-1, borosilicate glass is strong at thermal shocks. Some brands of borosilicate glass are Pyrex (made in US), Schoott (made in Germany) and Simax (made in Czech Republic ).

Q: Are the Glass Sex Toys safe?

A: Of course the glass sex toys are safe to use, if not we wouldn’t sell them. The Pyrex glass is a very strong material but also it is important to properly care your toys. Unfortunately if you drop the piece on a hard surface it may break, crack so you must not use it any longer as a sex toys. Please be careful when you handle it, because even the smallest nick will make it unsafe for you. This is our advice for you.
We are extremely rigorous in terms of the quality of our toys. Even from the beginning we inspect the quality of each used Pyrex rod to be sure of the highest quality of the glass. Each product is annealed at a very high temperature and after that it is cooled slowly for more than 24 hours.
The most important Quality Test is the Polariscope Test. The Polariscope is a scientific instrument used to inspect and identify the internal stresses in the glass during the complete production process. A proper annealed process will show no internal stresses.

Q: Why don’t you use plastic boxes?
A: We promote an exclusive collection with a multitude dimensions and shape in a limited series. A plastic package does not offer you the possibility to touch the glass or to check the quality of the item.

Q: Why are your glass dildos so expensive?
A: Some companies count only on their glassblowers, but we rely on our whole team of doctors, engineers, designers and glassblowers.
These glass dildos are rigorous manufactured. What I want to mean is that even before we start the production, we strictly check the quality and the integrity of the glass.
Each piece of glass that is inspected is flamed until the glass is hand formed to the desired shape.
The reasons why the prices of our line of glass dildos is rather expensive than other glass dildos is because all our products are result of our research and development team that works continually to increase the quality and to produce safe dildos.
Our dildos are 100 % manufactured by hand.
We are permanently testing the products from the raw material by checking the quality and indicators of the glass to be suitable during the production up to the finalized product. All these controls are made using the specialized glass instruments like Microscope of high temperature, Polarimeter; Extensometer thus being the commitment of all caution taken. Choosing no matter what sex shop or provider and buying a cheap imitation mean that you take upon yourself the risk to use unsafe glass dildos.

Q: I saw some small marks on the shaft and also some bubbles inside the dildo. What are they?
A: The small marks happen inevitably when our products are transported or packed. They do not pose any threat to your health or to the dildo"s integrity. It is the same thing as easily scratching the watch"s glass, while it still has its delicateness. From time to time there happens for some air to be trapped inside the dildo when the glassblower layer two or more pieces of glass. Our experience and quality standard allow us to consider safe any dildo with bubbles air less than 1/16-inch diameter. Because of the thickness of the dildo, any scratch or bubble looks bigger than it really is. As we said before, all of our products are tested in different stages, so in the end the last test is the laboratory test to identify and evaluate residual strain in annealed glass.

Q: Is it safe to use lubricants with sex toys?

A: Yes, in fact many manufacturers’ instructions for the use of their sex toys include recommendations for the use of lubricants with their products. A few drops applied to the toy will give you more fun and a new sensation when you play with your sex toys.