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If you want ot start your own business in the adult toys district, we are here to support you. We can help you create your own administratable website with a relative small investment. After we will create your website, it will be your job to promote it, by going to shows and exhibitions in your area, or by submitting your website to Adult directories. In the next few months, we will have the first two examples of what these websites look like. One of your advantages of working with us, is that we have years of experience, and we somewhat went through the same process that you will go through, when we extended in Canada.

If you don't feel like investing into your own website, don't worry, as we are also looking for resellers, distributors, agents and representatives to help us expand the glass sex toy craze. If you have your own website or blog, you can still earn money by becoming our affiliate. For more information about this process please visit our Affiliate section. really cares about what the sex toys users use, and also about the possible adult sex toy business owners. Because of this we want to create a competitve selling network, on a regional level all around the world. As one of our distributors or resellers, you will be offered a generous discount, and you will set up your own price afterwards. Depending on your sale volume, we can make you an exclusive seller in your area. As a reseller, you will be able to give us a design or concept, that we may put into production. That design will be exclusive for your store.

If you don't want to go through all the hassle of becoming a distributor, but you want to participate in the craze and earn money, you can send us your designs, and if they enter in production, you will be given a percantage of each sale of your designs.

If you have your own store (online or brick), please contact us with the Company name,the Contact person, title of the person,business type (normal store or on-line store), address of your business or store, e-mail address, telephone number and an approximate value of the order. After this we will send you a username and password for our special wholesale catalogue.