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Payment Options

 We are an European company and all our prices are in Euros.

For payment we use two payment options: PayPal and ePayment. Both ways are very safe and easy ways to pay.

The PayPal service is available in 190 markets and 17 currencies around the world and there are more than 153 million active accounts worldwide. The service builds on the existing financial infrastructure on bank account and credit cards.
It's a secure payment system, all credit card information ares protected 100%. Your credit card numbers are not reveled to us but keep inside PayPal secures database.

ePayment is a new solution which is very safe too. All data is transmitted through a SSL (128 bits) connection. The servers through which your payment goes through, are scanned daily by Scan Alert/Hacker Safe. None of the information transfered is stored or shown during and after the transition. Also every payment is checked real time by the GECAD ePayment algorithm. If they think something is not right, the GECAD ePayment Group will look into it to make sure that everthing is okay. As stated on their website, the fraud attempts using ePayment are under 1%. The authentication process of the owner is made based on the security code, known only by the card owner, and it takes place only on the Visa or MasterCard server, according to the situation. The "3-D Secure" system allows on-line transactions made with any card issued under Visa and MasterCard license, including the debit cards and the electronic cards (Maestro and Visa Electron). The virtual cards issued by these organizations are also accepted. Inside the "3-D Secure" system, used by ePayment for card payments with Visa and MasterCard, no information regarding your credit card is transferred or kept, at any time, on our servers or the ePayment servers, the information is sent to the Visa and MasterCard systems.

Both, PayPal and ePayment, accept the followings credit cards: Marter Card, Visa Card, Discovery, American Express Card.

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